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Riding Inside Out

riding inside out I am a woman who is passionate about riding (and horses) and who is interested in enabling people to get the very most out of their riding... as sport, recreation or profession. I am a Psychotherapist, Teacher of the Alexander Techniqe , trainer... and horse woman (BHS trained).

Sice 1984 I have worked freelance over a range of activities, teaching in this country and abroad. I have been running the RIO workshops since 1998. I devised this course, which brings together my interests in riding and personal development.

The nature of the RIO workshops is one of exploration. Through theory sessions, we will use techniques to improve mind/body co-ordination and methods of physical and mental relaxation. We will look at how our attitudes about life, ourselves and others..... can affect our riding both positively and negatively.

During the riding session we gain firsthand experience of how our attitudes and intentions are reflected back to us by our horse. Thus, by using the horse almost as a mirror, we can learn a great deal about the way we inhibit or enhance the horse’s performance.

In short, to ride well we need to have a balanced mind. This means being able to focus one’s attention by steadying one’s thoughts and emotions and freeing our bodies. This will allow you to be supple, still and alert leading to the ultimate goal - a balanced horse who is a delight to ride.

Who is RIO suitable for?

Anyone! Because of the style of these workshops, with the emphasis being on self discovery, we can work with all levels of ability from absolute beginners to highly experienced and proficient riders. Everyone learns from each other.

Where, When, How Long?

riding inside out The courses are run from Wimbledon Village Stables, London and other venues as requested. I live and work near Bath so if you are an individual associated with a stable or a riding school and would like a day run from your premises then that can be arranged.

Individual sessions are also on offer. A day will generally run from 9.30am - 5.00pm. Cost will depend on the venue and location but is in the region of £70 per day. Cost of horse hire is extra.

Further Information

If you would like more information please contact Caroline Chalk on 07711 181 401 or email her at